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Sunday 9th December

730pm - 10pm


Big Ol’ Christmas films quiz

Is Die Hard a Christmas film?

"Buddy the House Elf, what's your favourite colour?"

All the questions about all the films from the same team that brought you The Big Ol' Villains of Disney, Harry Potter, Friends, Peep Show, Rick & Morty and more Quizzes at The Birds in Leytonstone, E11.

Hosted as always by "Christmas in a person" comedian, Andrew Silverwood.

Expect themed rounds, mulled drinks, decorations and the warm and cosy surroundings of a pub at Christmas as you rack your brains for answers about those Christmas Classics.

It's like watching the Snowman on Channel 4 and playing Trivial Persuit with your granddad, but like, in the pub, a week and a half early.

Usual rules and T&Cs apply. Teams of six or less, or a 2 point deduction per player. No phones. Cheaters may be drop kicked.

saturday 15th december

11am - 3pm


totally banging 90’s brunch

Remember when Saturdays were about Live & Kicking or SMTV LIve? Well this is like that but with bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Mary or Ripper IPA and an item from a slightly more adult Brunch menu too.

But gather your Pogs, your Beanie Babies and your Pokemon cards and get ready to Swap Shop.

Maybe we'll do an Art Attack, maybe we'll stick on some Old School Nickelodean or maybe we'll boot up the sing along machine and see if we can get Britney Spears, Steps and Atomic Kitten to blast through the sound system and, because it isn't the 90s any more, we can dance as hard as we want without the disc skipping..

The biggest and most banging bottomless brunch yet, hosted by comedian Andrew Silverwood. Expect silly fun and games, dress up and costumes and lots of bottomless booze too!

Nostalgia? It's gunna be Da' Bomb

sunday 30th december

730pm -10pm


big ol’ quiz of the year

Be like Noel and Richard Ayoade.

How much of this year did you pay attention too?

The Final Big Ol' Quiz of 2018 is all about the year we just had. Pop culture, politics, music, films and all the current affairs, we'll be going month to month to find out just how much of this year you spent in bed with a hangover ignoring the outside world.

Big prizes, big spot rounds, Big Ol' Quiz. The perfect post Christmas / pre New Year night out.

Same rules as normal. £3 per player. Max teams of six (or two point deduction per extra player). No phones. Cheaters may be drop kicked.

glitter us - NYE party

monday 31st december

9pm -3am